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Now that you are all set up, it's time to take a tour through MyEnglishLab, to make sure you know where to find everything.

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Research has shown how using MyEnglishLab encourages student engagement and confidence in English classes when the needed time is spent on tasks. Activities are fun, engaging and challenging. You may be asked to watch a video, listen to radio advertisement or complete a crossword puzzle. Enjoy the great variety MyEnglishLab has to offer. 

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The Assignments tab has three sub-tabs: To Do List, Calendar, and Recent Activity.

  1. To Do List: Shows current assigned activities and calendar events. Click on View more (A) to expand the list.
  2. Calendar: Shows events and activities for all your courses. When your teacher assigns you an activity, you will see an entry appearing on the due date.
  3. Recent Activity: Shows events that have already happened and assignments that have been submitted or marked. It also records changes in due dates or assignments.
  4. Filters (Showing/Change course): Allows you to filter the To Do List by course.
  5. Open: Opens an assignment.
  6. Resume: Returns to an activity that you opened and saved, but did not submit.
  7. See report: Opens the Assignment report. Here you can see your score, correct answers and where you have made mistakes.


The Course tab allows you to view the course content and access practice activities. If your product has eText available, you access additional resources from here as well.

  1. Product Title: Displays the name and level of the product you are using.
  2. Change course: Allows you to switch to another course.
  3. Table of contents: Displays the available units within a course.
  4. eText: An icon appears if your product is bundled with eText. Click on the icon to open the eText.
  5. Contents: Allows you to view sub-section and activities available in the unit.
  6. Open: Allows you to open activities.

Note: If you open an activity that has been already assigned to you by your teacher, a note: Activity assigned will be displayed. To open the assignment click Continue, to skip this activity and complete it later click Cancel.


The Gradebook tab allows you to access your grades and keep records of your performance.

  1. Change course: Allows you to switch to another course.
  2. Expand details: Allows you to view additional information, such as the number of attempts, number of completed activities, and time spent on activities.
  3. Data: Allows you to view your scores and grades.
  4. Diagnostics: Shows your progress in different skills and time spent on tasks.
  5. Change view: Allows you to easily see the available views: Practice only, Assignments only, Tests only, Practice & tests,
    and Assignments & tests.
  6. Markers: Allow you to see in which units activities have been completed. 
  7. Filtering/Sorting: Allows you to filter activities by Last attempt, First attempt, Average score or Highest score.
  8. Export:  Allows you to save your grades as a Microsoft Excel file.
  9. Help: Directs you to our help site where you can find additional information on how to use Gradebook.


The Messages tab allows you to communicate with both your teacher and other students in the course.

  1. New message: Allows you to send a message to your teachers and other students in the course.
  2. Inbox: Keeps messages you have received from your teacher and other students.
  3. Sent messages: Keeps the messages you sent before. 
  4. Contact List: The list of all teachers and students you can write to.


The Settings tab allows you to manage your account and make changes to personal information.

  1. My Courses: Lists all the courses you are currently enrolled in.
  2. Personal Profile: Allows you to change your account profile information, including Password, Country of Residence, Time Zone, Native language, Date Format, Email, Keyboard, etc. 
  3. Notifications: Allows you to set email preferences about automatic notifications from MyEnglishLab.
  4. Join a Course: Allows you to join a teacher’s course.  
  5. Add product: Allows you to quickly add another product to the account using an access code.

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