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What is the Global Scale of English?

The Global Scale of English is a numeric, granular scale from 10 to 90 which measures English language proficiency.  It enhances the Common European Framework of Reference (CEFR) by showing finer gradations of a learner’s level within a CEFR band, and can therefore demonstrate smaller and more precise improvements in a learner’s English level.

For more information see Support article Scoring and the Global Scale of English.

Why are Progress scores reported separately to my course scores?

Progress scores are reported in a separate gradebook because the scores are Global Scale of English scores. Scores from other products are not reported on the Global Scale of English.

Why are my test scores the same as, or lower than, my previous test scores?

Your test scores may be lower than expected due to a number of possible reasons:

• Your language level is too far below the level of this test or the course you are studying
• Your language level is too far above the level of this test or the course you are studying
• You may have made little or no progress in your language level
• You may have made progress but this cannot be detected by the test (one or both of) the tests you have taken were taken under very different conditions
• The conditions you took (one or both of) the tests under were unsuitable; for example, there was a lot of noise affecting our ability to score your speaking test or there were problems with the computer
• You had help from a friend on (one or both of) the tests, which has affected your score on the tests
• You have not tried as hard on (one or both of) the tests, which has affected your score on the tests

What is an Advisory note?

An Advisory note contains possible reasons for a specific test score.

It is issued when Progress detects an anomaly in a test score; for example, when the middle of course test scores are much lower than the start of course test scores.

Why does the Gradebook say Re-test?

The Re-test indicator means that your teacher has been given the ability to assign you the test once again. This indication is shown when it has not been possible to score your Speaking and Writing questions with sufficient accuracy, or a technical fault has occurred.

Why are scores outside of the product score range not displayed?

Progress assesses most accurately through the product score range. To assure the best accuracy, the scores outside of the range are not shown.

How quickly will I get my test scores?

You will normally receive test scores within 30-40 minutes of submitting a test. However, local or institution bandwidth and internet connectivity, or periods of exceptional volumes of test submissions, can result in longer wait times.

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