Before You Begin

Welcome to our four-step guide to getting started with MyEnglishLab. Before you begin, please review requirements and take a moment to ensure you have the correct equipment.

Don’t be Nervous!

Nobody expects you to just ‘know’ how to use a new technology. It is a skill you acquire. We aim to make MyEnglishLab an easy and intuitive system, but we recommend you take advantage of training opportunities offered by your local Pearson team or live training sessions so you become familiar with all of MyEnglishLab features. See our Training and Teaching section to sign-up for live training sessions.

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We have automatically checked to ensure your browser is ready to use MyEnglishLab and displayed the results below.

Note: Mozilla Firefox or Google Chrome are the preferred Internet browsers for MyEnglishLab. Please see our system requirements for a list of other supported browsers and systems. For detailed system requirements, click here.

Things You'll Need:

  1. An Instructor Access Code: You will need an instructor access code to register and create an account. If you do not have an instructor access code, please contact your local Pearson sales representative.
  2. An Email Address: This email address will be use to send registration confirmation and system update notifications.

Ready? Let's Get Started! 

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