Exploring Course Content

The Course tab contains the course content and practice activities. You can also find additional resources like audio or video and an ebook link if published with the product.

Get to Know the Platform

Choose a few activities to assign to your students. Gradually familiarize yourself with the program and increase student assignments over time. Ask your students for feedback on activities. Ask them to compare doing activities online versus on paper. Their answers will help you to understand their strengths and weaknesses.

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  1. Product Title: Displays the name and level of the product you are using.
  2. Units: Displays the available units.
  3. Assign: Allows you to assign activities.
  4. eText Icon: Appears if your course is bundled with eText. Click on the icon to open the eText.
  5. Change course: Allows you to switch to another course.
  6. Switch to Student view: Use this button to switch between a Teacher and a Student view. This will show you how your students see the content and activities.
  7. Expand/Collapse all arrows: Allows you to expand/collapse all activities in a given unit.
  8. Hide/Show: Allows you to show or hide content for students in the course.
  9. This icon appears when an activity has been previously assigned.
  10. Information on activity type: Test, Teacher graded activity or PDF.
  11. Contents: Allows you to view sub-section and activities available in the unit.

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