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Get the Most from Digital

The use of technology inside and outside the classroom is a growing movement in many parts of the world. Finding the right tools to meet teachers wherever they are on the digital spectrum is fundamental to the success of these courses. This series of teaching tip videos is meant to guide teachers on their digital journey. Teachers can discover how to empower their teaching by tracking student progress, flipping the classroom, and utilizing their MyEnglishLab as a teacher’s assistant. 

Before Your Course Starts

What is the difference between flipped and blended classroom?




Using a blended or Flipped model can help increase student engagement and create a more dynamic and interactive learning environment. We often hear the terms blended learning and a flipped classroom, but do you really understand how those terms apply to ESL teaching and learning?  This video illustrates the differences between a blended course and a flipped course.  You will see how MyEnglishLab can be used in either setting, and better understand the characteristics of each model, allowing you to select the model that would be most effective for your classroom

How to Flip Your Classroom



Want to flip your class?  This video highlights the benefits of flipping your classroom, but also shows you how to flip your classroom.  You will see and hear what an effective flipped classroom looks like, with suggested in-class activities and potential out-of class activities.

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