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How long does it take to do the test?

Each Progress test will take between approximately 40 - 55 minutes. This excludes any time required to complete the equipment check, or take the Sample test.

The overall time depends on the consistency of the level of your answers and how quickly the adaptive algorithm can reach a decision on your initial level to present the non-adaptive sections.

Why am I limited to only three attempts at the Progress tests?

Progress is designed to accurately show learners’ progress. Administering 3 tests - at the start, middle, and end of a course of study - is more likely to show measurable learning gains and provide teachers and learners with reliable information than more frequent testing can provide. Additional attempts are only given if it is not possible to score a student's test due to a technical fault.

Why can I not see the answers to the test questions?

We cannot provide the answers for the test as this breaks test security.

Providing answers to the test questions usually results in teaching for the test which can help invalidate the test and its reliability. In addition, students may try to memorise answers to the test questions and share with other students.

Can I pause the test?

You can pause the test, if your teacher has given you this option.

Teachers have the ability to allow students to pause the test. Pause can be enabled or disabled when assigning a test. This does not apply to the Sample test.

What happens if the internet connection is unexpectedly lost during the test?

You will be able to re-start the test from the last question you saved (i.e. up until they last clicked on Next).

However, the test timer (if not turned off) continues to count down so if it takes a long time for the connection to be restored, then it's possible that the test time will have expired. If there is a high risk of internet instability then it is advised that teachers turn off the test timer.

Why can I only listen once to the audio in the listening test questions?

Some tests allow students to listen twice or multiple times to listening items. However in real-life, although it's possible to ask someone to repeat something, we rarely ask for everything to be repeated.

In Progress, the questions which require you to repeat sentences or answer questions are quite short. Repetition would make the test easier and it would lose some of its face validity. We also want a spontaneous answer rather than one which is rehearsed. The scores take this into account. Also, this way of testing gives a better picture of the students' listening abilities.

Why can't I go back and change my answers in the test?

Progress is an adaptive test. This means that the next question is based on the previous response. Allowing a student to go back and change their responses would prevent the adaptive algorithms in the test from working correctly.

Will my test be automatically submitted?

You should submit your test when you finish completing the last (Writing) section.

However, if you forget to do so or have not finished the test, it will be automatically submitted after the test timer expires, or if no test timer was set, after the due date set by the Teacher.

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