Opening Assignments and Tests

Your teacher can assign you activities and tests, which will appear in your To Do List and your Calendar, along with the due date.

Why Completing Assignments is Important

MyEnglishLab is a fun, effective way to master English. Completing all assignments not only allows you to meet your teacher’s expectations, but also reinforces the learning you are doing in the classroom. Research has proven that completing assignments has been positively linked to student achievement. The more you do, the more you learn. With MyEnglishLab you can decide when and where your work gets completed.

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To open assignments or tests:

  1. Click on the Assignments tab. 
  2. Under the To Do List, click on Open to open the assigned activity.
  3. If you have already started doing an assignment, you will see the Resume button. Click on Resume to return to the assignment and complete it.
  4. To see more assignments, click on View more.

Note: All assignments will have an   icon and all Tests will have an   icon.


Note: You can also open an assignment from the Course tab.
When you click on an activity that has been already assigned to you [A], a pop-up window [B] will be displayed. To open the assignment click Continue [C], to skip this activity and complete it later click Cancel [D].

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