Assigning Content

Assigning content is a good way to ensure students are engaged in your online material. This would also allow you to track your students’ performance and offer assistance when needed.

Build a Plan

Design your plan in advance. Which activities do you want to assign your students? How regularly? Twice a week, weekly, or twice a month? When? After class for practice, or just before, to get your students prepared? Knowing these details early will make it easy to integrate the online course into your curriculum and course calendar and best use it to maximize student success.

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- Assigning practice activities is optional but tests must be assigned. If you assign the activities, students must access them from the To Do List page. If you don't assign activities, students will be able to access practise content from the Course tab.

- Once the content is assigned, teachers will not be able to reassign to the same group of students until the due date passes or the activity is deleted.

To assign content:

  1. Click on the Course tab.
  2. Click on the Unit and then locate the Content you would like to assign.
    Make sure that you select your Course from the dropdown (A), not just the Product.
  3. Select all or specific activities you wish to assign and then Click on Assign
    - The total number of activities assigned is displayed on the Assign button. 
    - If the activity previously been assigned, an i icon will be displayed next to the activity.

  4. Select the students (A) and then click on Next step.

    Note: Select the option (B) so that the students who join the course later may also receive the assignment (as long as it is not past due date).
  5. Set the Due date and Time, and then click on Next step.
    Note: Use the Enable timer to set a timer on the assignment. Once the assignment is started, the student will have only a limited amount of time to complete it.
  6. Change the default Assignment settings if necessary and then click on Assign.

    Note: If this section is not available, you may be working in “Basic Mode”. Click on Expert Mode [A] to see more options.
  7. Once the process of assigning is completed, a notification will appear on the Assignment screen [B].
    Note: The process of assigning content may take up to 5 minutes depending on the amount of content being assigned.

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