Viewing Content as a Student

Teachers can use the Switch to Student View option to toggle between a Teacher and a Student View. Switching to Student View shows you how a content and activities are displayed to students and allows you to complete the activity as if you were a student.

Build Trust and Set Expectation

Let your students know what you are able to see regarding their work in the platform. It's good to also let them know how often you are checking and what you plan to do with this information. This will give your students a sense of accountability to the work you have assigned. By being transparent with your students, you build trust with them.

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To view content as student:

  1. Click on the Course tab.
  2. Click on Switch to Student view.
  3. Click on Switch to Student view in each activity.


- In Student View activities are displayed without answers.

- The grades stored in the Student View will not be carried over to the teacher’s gradebook.

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