Assigning Progress Test

Before assigning the actual tests, we highly recommend assigning Equipment Check and the Sample Test. These will help students prepare for the actual tests and also ensure computer equipment is ready to avoid disruptions during the test. Students can also complete those activities as practice activities.

Don’t be Nervous!

Nobody expects you to just ‘know’ how to use a new technology. It is a skill you acquire. We aim to make MyEnglishLab an easy and intuitive system, but we recommend you take advantage of training opportunities offered by your local Pearson team or live training sessions so you become familiar with all of MyEnglishLab features. See our Training and Teaching section to sign-up for live training sessions.

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Note: In order to assign a Test, you will need to create a course. To learn more about creating courses see the Support Article Creating a new Course.  To learn more about the Global Scale of English and how to choose an appropriate level, see the Support Article About Progress.

To assign a Progress Test:

  1. Click on the Course tab.
  2. Choose your course from the drop-down list.
  3. Select the test you would like to assign (Start, Middle or End of Course Test) from the Table of Contents and then select the particular Test (A). Before each Test you can assign the Equipment Check and the Sample Test.
  4. Click on Assign.
  5. Select the students. If students have already taken the test, their names will be greyed out (A).
    Note: If students haven’t joined your course yet, this option will not be available. The test will be pre-assigned to all students joining later.
  6.  Select the due date for the assignment. 
  7. Select preferences for the test:
        Enable timer (recommended): This will set a time limit for students to complete the activity.
        Allow Pause and Resume (recommended): This would allow students to pause the test and resume at a later time.
        Set start time: This would allow you to set an exact date and time when the students can access the Test. If you set a Start Time,  your students will not be able to open the Test before that time. Note that those preferences are not available for the Equipment Check and for the Sample Test.
  8. Click on Assign. The activity has now been assigned.

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