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MyEnglishLab Release: What's New?

We are pleased to announce some new and enhanced features which should make it easier to work in MyEnglishLab.

Gradebook Show/Hide Enhancement

Show/Hide capability has been added to the gradebook allowing teachers to seamlessly assign activities even if they were previously hidden.








Activity Banners Improvement

Visibility of capitalization and case sensitivity banners in activity screens have been improved, allowing student better understanding when completing activity.

Adding Resources to Primary Courses

Teachers are now able to add course resources to Primary courses.










Assign Activities from the Gradebook Page

Teachers are able to assign content to selected students directly from the Gradebook page.

Preview Activity from the Gradebook Page

Teachers are able to preview particular activities from the gradebook page.






Teacher-graded, Tests & PDF Descriptors on the Course Page

Content descriptors have been added for "Teacher-graded," "Tests," and “PDF” content. All other content is practice content.

Access Assignments from the Course Page

Students are able to access assignments directly from the course page.









Adult Platform Improvements

The platform navigation has been redesigned in order to  differentiate the course and home tabs making it easier locate assignments.

Young Learners Platform Improvements

The top navigation and To Do list have been Redesigned so that young learners will be able to easily open assignments.





New Mobile Gradebook Features

We are pleased to release a mobile-friendly solution for MyEnglishLab that allows students to review scores for an already completed course or self-study activities on the go.

Course Management Enhancements

The Course Management area display has been improved:

  1. Active courses will now be shown by default.
  2. Improved labelling will indicate when a course is owned by the teacher or when the teacher is joined to another teacher’s course.
  3. Search option added to the filter option on settings list.







Multiple Model Answer Enhancement

Previously only one model answer was allowed to be shown on audio activities. Students will now have the ability to view multiple model answers for existing products.

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